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Club forum "A"

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Dear Guest,
We are welcome you to the "Model Club A", part of the CNC.USER FORUM .
Клуб 3д моделей "Модели А"

This section, like the whole forum, created for those who, in the course of their activities,

need ready 3D models. In our database, over 1 TB of high-quality models on various topics that

are available to members of the club 24/7. We also constantly model and lay out for access by

members new models, models at the request of members or we buy together with other members

ready-made models from other modelers.
Also on our forum you will find Laser Club A with 2D models for laser and plasmacutter CNC.

Клуб "Лазер А"

On our forum you can get help with technical and operational issues, especially the processing

and finishing of various modern materials, CAD and CAM  software and much more.
For ease of use, we recommend using Google Chrome brawser with Google Translater option.
This section is payable and to get an access to it please contact via email or private message

to Administrator :
cnc.userforum@gmail.com or cnc.userforum@mail.ru
Thank you!


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    Клуб 3д моделей "Модели А"


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