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Club forum "A"

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We have opened a new forum section “ A Club” with 3D model which were selected and tested manually.
Some of them are existing, some were created specially by order or 3D scaned, ect.
This section is payable and to get an access to it please contact via email or private message to Administrator.
The concept of “A Club”is as follow:
adding new 3D models with highest quality level constantly
aesthetic and practical use
buying new models with shared expenses with other forum members
we are targeting to collect biggest collection of 3D models for many years
All models you see on your screen are available for download for A Club member
Get your membership for just 3990 roubles (60$) including 2 month free and 200 credits for your personal account
and then only 200 roubles (4$) monthly
Any convenient way for your payment
from card to card
yandex money
Before joining please contact me to:
cnc.userforum@gmail.com or cnc.userforum@mail.ru
Thank you!
You are welcomed for any suggestions for this thread

Клуб 3д моделей "Модели А"



Вступительный взнос 3990 руб. (70$)
Ежемесячный взнос 200 руб (4$)


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